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      Professional and trust worthy – customer centered, 12 years of professional office design experience.
      Harmony, Trust and Development - improve cooperate image and brand quality constantly
      Create beautiful office life - HTD will always be on your side.

      Creative and practical

      HTD has a design organization based on the mainland and always marches toward the forefront of the world. Our team has gathered a group of excellent designers who are dedicated to creativity, persistence, pragmatism and daring to break through. Through international design concept, rigorous creative thinking and efficient execution mechanism, we provide excellent and perfect office design solutions for our customers.

      When designing the blueprint, we take into account not only the effective use of space, but also the abilities to accommodate the future construction, such as air-conditioning, fire prevention, furnishing and ELV, etc. With our expertise, we endeavor to provide a design that is a perfect combination of the visual, the functions, and the client’s corporate image.

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      Customer centered, customer first

      We follow the actual requirements of each client, comprehensively consider the design effect, construction quality, schedule, budget and other factors, in order to develop the best solution, and ensure the smooth implementation of the program. Allow each client to enjoy tailor-made quality yet low cost service during the office refurbishment and relocation.  

      Supply chain management system of HTD is the result of years of accumulated experience in project management. The mature management system can efficiently integrate the different profession, talent, suppliers and experience inside and outside the company, so that the project can be carried out in an orderly manner, and keep the advantages of creativity, quality, schedule and price.

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      Industry leader - office decoration system service provider

      With the background of years of office design and construction , as well as experience to offer service for 500 + well-known enterprises at home and abroad, HTD provides general contracting service on behalf of the party A with an experienced project management team.

      We provide systematic solutions of site consulting, design and planning, engineering construction, project management, soft decoration, air- conditioner and weak current security, IT system, cleaning and removal, engineering maintenance and facilities management;provide professional and efficient attentive service for our clients during each stage of the project. Let every customer enjoy the ultimate experience of profession, speed, excellency, economic and convenience.

      True quality, attentive service - create a beautiful office life by heart
      HTD serves and achieves customers with "heart". We are always in pursuit of wining more customer satisfaction!

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      Create value for customer

      Provide Overall Systematic Facilities Management

      We can provide professional, efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective overall systematic facilities management solution.

      With 12 years of interior design and decoration experience, we can develop a custom-made solution for every client.

      Furniture maintenance:
      We cooperate with various furniture brands and factories, provide services like soft loading supply, furniture repair, high quality finishing surface repair, furniture rental and storage.

      In case of Emergency:
      We build a flexible, experienced and responsible team of professional repair just in case of emergency situations such like electricity blackout, water pipe leaking. We promise to arrive at your office within 4 hours in Shanghai.

      Office reconstruction:
      Based on the adjustment of our customers' business and organization, we can quickly provide one-stop office decoration and renovation plan, coordinate efficiently the work between designers, project contractors and subcontractors so that they become a team of concerted efforts.

      Air conditioning maintenance:
      Our senior HVAC engineers will provide customers with professional diagnostic reports and operational maintenance advice of AC system as well as service of maintenance, cleaning, machine relocation, adding liquid,etc.

      Detection of environmental hazard:
      We provide ten categories, hundreds of office environment hazards detection service for customers regularly, including the wall, furred ceiling, doors and windows, hardware, flooring, strong and weak current, air-conditioning, fire safety, furniture, air quality. We care more about the operational safety of the workplace than you do.

      After-sale service guarantee:
      After the completion of the project, HTD can provide 2 years of free maintenance and facilities management services after the free period. Our aim is to protect the customer’s corporate image and keep the investment value.
      "WeChat service platform" of HTD provides you with accurate on-site maintenance, booking maintenance services. We promise to respond to the repair for customers in Shanghai within 2 hours, solve the problem within 48 hours and repair water and electricity emergency within 4 hours on the scene.

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