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      Five-star quality inspection and acceptance

       Material quality control standard
      1. Strictly control the material brand and adhere to the principle of using well-known brands.
      2. Eliminate any non-environmental grade material.
      3. Production insurance of customer products with the regular sampling inspection.
      4. Inspection of common material regularly by the third party.

      Site construction quality control standard
      1. Construction operators participate in quality training regularly, then pass the examination before getting on post.
      2. The project department strictly implements the system of the quality process and ensures that each technical detail and material have records.
      3. Strictly implement four rules of quality inspection and acceptance: construction process bit, mutual inspection, project department’s inspection and quality department’s inspection.
      Customized products installation quality control standard
      1. Supervise the customized products from the source and delegate the commissioner to control the quality process.
      2. Insist on producing samples before mass production on customized products.
      Special instruments quality control standard
      1. Use special instruments to check all acceptance items that can be assessed by data, such as using decibel meter in sound insulation,  using illuminometer in office lighting area, etc.
      2. Introduce the third party with professional qualification to test and review the special instruments on site unconditionally, such as concrete, rebar, etc.




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