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      HTD Human Resource Policy

      Rule NO1: Value the talents with virtue; Train the average with virtue; Restraint the talents without virtue; Reject the average without virtue.
      Rule NO2: Promise employees a good career;
      Develop friendship between employees;
      Keep employees with satified salary system.
      HTD is a well-known office decoration system service brand in China. We offer the talented tailored training opportunities and competitive salary scheme, also allow them to develop without any constraints. If you are unwilling to be ordinary, eager to be the industry elite and to break yourself through, join HTD, which will be the most shining stage of your life!


      Job titleWork placeNumberDate
      Marketing ManagerShanghai317/08/11Learn more

      Position Description:
      1.Manage and plan the major goal of the marketing related work, achieve company sales objectives.
      2.In charge of Shanghai market expanding, gathering valuable information; Visiting target clients; Endeavoring a tender chance for the company.
      3.Excellent communication skills with client, know and understand the client need, update client status. Create file analysis to support sale team with
      4.Attend business meeting, negotiate for contract. In charge of after-contract maintenance work, collecting construction bill payment.
      5.Handle client complains, solve problems appropriately.

      1.Over 25, no gender requirements;
      2.College degree or above, graduated with a major in Marketing or related;
      3.Familiar with the decoration industry, preferably with related work experience of interior design and decoration, marketing promotion and planning;
      4.Outgoing personality, strong communication skills and language skills, strong public relations ability, adaptability and negotiation skills;
      5.Good sense of customer service, good branding and marketing planning capability;
      6.Fluency in English is an advantage.

      If you have any intention, please send your resume to: [email protected]

      Marketing specialistShanghai217/08/11Learn more

      Job description:
      1. Responsible for the development of new clients in Shanghai, visit grade A office buildings and industrial parks, liaison with property sales and property agents and brokers;
      2. Regular visit to the customers, in search of bidding opportunities;
      3. Communicate with customers, timely grasp customer needs, understand the status of customers; regularly analyze and sort out customer files, provide sales data;
      4. Participate in the negotiation and signing of the contract, and be responsible for the implementation of the contract, and timely recovery of the project.
      5. Deal with customer complaints, and properly solve problems;  

      1. Over 25, no gender requirements;
      2. College degree or above, graduated with a major in Marketing or related;3, Familiar with the decoration industry, preferably with related work experience of interior design and decoration, marketing promotion and planning ;
      4. Strong sense of responsibility and initiative, with great passion in  work;
      5. Good communication and negotiation skills, with strong teamwork spirit;
      6. Warmly welcome the graduates with the ideal, good learning ability, diligence, and toughness to grow up with the company and share the achievements of the company's development.

      If you have any intention, please send your resume to: [email protected]

      Chief DesignerShanghai217/08/11Learn more

      Job description:
      1. Good at space planning, concept design, scheme statement to the customer and construction details processing. Based on customer requirements, responsible for completion of the creative programs, and the successful completion of the program from concept, deepened design to implementation and supervision;
      2. Based on the design concept to create material model, guide the completion of the effect diagram and construction drawing;
      3. Understand the basic furniture system /specifications with the relevant industry knowledge about carpet, lamps and lanterns, and be able to coordinate between various parties and guarantee quality of the construction.
      4. Deliver the construction drawing to the project manager, and direct the on-site construction. , Able to solve the technical problems in time and update the drawings during the process of construction;

      1. Graduated with a college degree or above in architectural design, interior design, environmental art and design or equivalent relevant degrees;
      2. At least 3 years of large-scale office project design experience, able to independently complete the entire office design program;
      3. Have a good master of CAD, PS, 3D, sketch master and other commonly used design software, preferably with strong hand-painted ability;
      4. Familiar with the current materials in office interior decoration industry, construction practices and national standards;
      5. Good sense of imagination, creativity, aesthetic and space, strong concept thinking and design effect control ability;
      6. Strong expression and communication skills with team spirit;
      7. Basic English knowledge (spoken and written), preferably with strong hand-painted ability.
      8. Working experience at a well-known foreign design company is an advantage;

      If you have any intention, please send your resume to: [email protected]

      Project managerShanghai217/08/11Learn more

      Job description:
      1. An overall leadership to fulfill the construction contract, develop work plan; responsible for project management  of the whole process from beginning to the completion, overall leadership for the project quality, safety, cost, duration,  monitoring the implementation process to ensure the realization of the contract and customer satisfaction;
      2. Focus on the progress of the project construction and quality, solve the problems during the construction process, urge the project to be completed as planned, regularly report schedule and the actual completion;
      3. Establish and implement routinized quality management and safety management system, responsible for organizing the construction workers to learn safe operation,  the rules and regulations on the construction site, strengthen the monitoring and management process for the main prevention;
      4. Responsible for the dynamical cost control, effectively control the material and labor costs through management practice, eliminate waste to achieve the company's goals;
      5. Encourage the enthusiasm of the team work through team building, implementation of fair, impartial and open assessment and incentive system based on the company's related system,  train and recommend management and technical talent to the company;
      6. Participate in the project bidding work to help improve the success rate, and coordinate the tender work;
      7. Handle the relevant formalities such as reporting, checking and acceptance, delivery, and deal with various parties including construction units, supervision units, local government and other external stakeholders in communication and coordination;

      1. At least 5-year experience in interior decoration project management, familiar with the project management process, preferably with office decoration, foreign office project management experience;
      2. A comprehensive master of business management knowledge, familiar with the relevant national norms, standards, regulations and corporate rules;
      3. Excellent character, strong sense of responsibility, excellent communication and coordination and leadership skills;
      4. Associating with constructor certificate or senior engineer title is an advantage;
      5. Familiar with professional knowledge and technology of the decoration construction;
      6. Strong leadership, organizational skills, public relations ability, communication and coordination skills, planning and implementation capacity, and influence power.

      If you have any intention, please send your resume to: [email protected]




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