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      My Office? Home-like office

      Interior design websites and magazines often feature apartments that are economical and minimalist in style. It might seem that this is how most people arrange their homes. But if you look at the average apartment, in Poland or abroad, it will turn out that it has little in common with the style promoted by the media.
      When fitting out their houses, choosing furniture and decorations, people are guided not only by how all those things look, but also their convenience and functionality. People realise that they will be using those things for a very long time, and so they will have an impact on their comfort. People just want to feel good at home. Not without a reason, the key word running through interior designer’s talks with investors is "cosiness." Rooms referred to as "cosy" most commonly use soft finishes and materials (carpets, cushions), warm colours, plants, natural materials (wood, brick), warm light and small accessories (books, photos, paintings, ceramics), which are all the things that you rarely find in a typical office.

      So, if people feel comfortable in cosy interiors, why are most offices their opposite?
      Despite the fact that we spend an average of 40 hours a week at work, which is quite a portion of our time, most offices are decorated in a very raw style, dominated by cold colours, sharp edges, cold light and artificial materials. This kind of design has an impact on the well-being of the people using the space, which is why the trend to introduce home items to offices has been on the increase in recent years. Usually the "base," which means the workstation furniture system, is not different from the furniture used in offices before, but in other areas. For instance, wooden furniture and other accessories previously reserved only for home interiors, e.g. floor lamps, curtains or wallpapers, have become present in meeting rooms. Interestingly, in one of the conducted studies as many as 80% of employees said that works of art in the office improve the general atmosphere and make them feel better.
      Home atmosphere is expected to support employees' well-being and make them more willing to perform their professional duties.




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