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      How much does office cost

      From our experience the cost of the office on average is very close to the cost of the lease during first year. Below we're showing breakdown of what this cost usually consists of.
      And we're also showing how much control Client usually has over each cost group. Note that for some groups there is little Client can do about the cost.
      Architectural Fit-Out Works
      Floor Structure and Floor Finishes, Partitions (Solid and Glazed), Ceiling Finishes, Window Treatments, Built-In Furniture (not Workplaces), Doors and Ironmongery, Demolition (if any), Sanitary Equipment and Accessories
      Portion of total cost    35%—      Client's influence over the cost   20%
      Engineering Systems
      Ducts, Pipes and Valves, Fan-Coil Units, Diffusers, Server Room Air-Conditioners,
      Heating Radiators.
      Portion of total cost    28%—      Client's influence over the cost  5%
      Electrical and Lighting
      Cables, Cable Trays and Cable Trunks, Sockets, Switches, Distribution Boards, Testing and Commissioning.
      Portion of total cost    11%—      Client's influence over the cost   3%
      Telecommunication and IT
      Computer and Telephone Networks, Multimedia System, Access Control System, Close Circuit Television, Security Alarm.
      Portion of total cost    9%—      Client's influence over the cost   5%
      Other expenses
      Site Mobilization, Health and Safety and Insurance.
      Design and Approvals.
      Independant Project Management.
      Portion of total cost   ≈21%—      Client's influence over the cost  48%
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