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      Enterprise Culture

      HTD Objective

      Teamwork spirit achieves common prosperity.

      As the domestic preferred office decoration system service provider, HTD has always been committed to continuously to provide customers with office decoration design , construction services and office decoration system solutions for 12 years.

      HTD Vision

      Become the leader brand of Chinese office design and decoration industry.

      HTD Mission

      Create wonderful office life


      Harmony Trust Developing
      Respect, Understanding, Transpositional Consideration, Forgiving, Cooperation
      Teamwork, Self-respect,Trustworthy,Meritocracy
      Develop independently, Develop continuously
      Gather strength and create a community with a common future.

      HTD Human Resource Policy

      Rule NO1: Value the talents with virtue; Train the average with virtue; Restraint the talents without virtue; Reject the average without virtue.
      Rule NO2: Promise employees a good career;
      Develop friendship between employees;
      Keep employees with satified salary system.

      HTD Work Style

      React fast, Act immediately
      Be responsible, Do as promised
      Care about result, Succeed with one chance
      Learn and create, Summarise and improve
      Award and punishment, Strict management
      Know self-discipline, Practical and efficient
      Run Democratic centralism, Work as a Team

      HTD Management

      Learn Tradition and Being Creative, Adapt Current Situation
      Gain Value for Customers, Build a Stage for Talents

      HTD Service

      True Quality Served by True Heart

      HTD Band Image

      Trustworthy, Professional, Reliable




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